1981 origin Costa Rican Ernesto Luciano got out of the southern state prison.He was arrested 14 years and 8 months cause of gang crimes and culpable homicide under influence of narcotics. After 3 years of custody Luciano became friends with an inmate from Mexico. Because of him Ernesto learned to survive and to stand up for himself. Based on his past the new friend was just known as “Costano”. His ancestors came from the Costanos, a tribe full of cannibals living on today´s coast from San Francisco Bay down till Monterey.It is approximately 200 years ago when the Costanos, scavenged all surrounding developments and tribes - they really slaughtered them.

While all these years in jail Costano painted the walls of his cell. He drew pictures out of his mind. They were scenarios out of his past and the times of his roots.

Costano was a forcing power for Luciano. He brought Luciano through the time in prison. Fascinated by his acting, 2 years after his release from prison he was active in crime again.The badges of his gang were brass knuckles. Brass knuckles are the most often used weapons in this area.As time went on more and more gangs started to combine their clothes with their gang affiliation. The “Bloods” and the “Crips” showed them how to do it in the early years. This brought Luciano and his gang to wear their own clothes. Luciano decided to dedicate his 1983 formed brand to his long term cell companion Costano. Costano is the incarnation for strength, assertiveness, power of will and for taking what you want in life.

Principles of the today´s Costano Clothing Brand!